Our Story

In 2014, I found out my life was about to change drastically! I was pregnant with a GIRL. My name is Kimberly and until June 2015 I was only familiar with little boys. 

I have two older sisters and between the three of us, we have 5 boys. My first thought was how exciting it was going to be to make all of her clothes (even though I had no idea how to sew!) Regardless, I was determined to have her closet filled with gorgeous clothes before she was born.

Well, reality kicked in! I quickly realized it was more expensive to buy the fabric alone than buying a ready-to-wear outfit. Furthermore, when would I have time? My husband and I already owned a business that I managed, we had a 4 year old boy, and I watched my nephew after school. It wasn't long before my dreams of designing/creating outfits for my daughter went out the window. 

In 2016 I was blessed with another girl. Girls clothes are already expensive but now I needed twice as many! Thoughts of selling expensive, adorable, boutique items at a price everyone could afford began to fill my mind. But when did I have the time? How could I manage 3 kids, our previous business, school, sports, and a NEW business? I decided it wasn't possible but the dream never left my mind. 

Here I am in October 2019 and God has opened the doors to making this dream a reality. I am still busy, a mess, and constantly asking God HOW? But with his guidance, its became a reality.

I've been blessed with living only 20 minutes away from my sister Jennifer. I have no idea how I would do anything without her help. She has covered for me time and time again. When I presented this dream to her she once again said, "Yes, I'll help!"

Now here we are; two crazy, loud, fun, God-loving mothers ready to make a 5-year dream a reality! 

Why should income keep our children from looking so adorable? 

Our goal is to make all these adorable, boutique outfits affordable for all families!


Our collections are all made with love!